Professional bike fit

Experience optimized performance and freedom from pain


Laura uses the science and methodology of the Serotta International Cycling Institute (SICI) combined with her knowledge of anatomy and kinesiology (the study of human movement)  to provide professional services to cyclists of all disciplines to achieve their cycling goals.


Your bike fit is personalized to your biomechanics and fitness goals and will take 2-3 hours. After a detailed assessment of your alignment, flexibility, and strength, your bike fit will be tailored to you to optimize efficiency/performance, improve comfort, and decreased risk for injury/accelerate healing from an injury.


After your fit, you will be provided a home exercise program to address mobility/strength deficits to further improve your cycling performance and decrease risk for injury.


What is assessed?

Essential foot and lower extremity/spine flexibility assessment – Body alignment – Strength specific for cycling – Foot sizing and arch analysis – Assessment and proper positioning of cleats – Shims and wedges are included with fit – Proper saddle positioning (height, fore/aft, tilt) – Proper saddle size and shape – Simulated Handlebar reach with sizing stem – Handlebar width with adjustable width and drop and rotation – Break/shifters adjustment – Proper stance width – Proper crank arm length – Video Analysis of joint angles - Detailed measurement and documentation of position – Documentation provided to you electronically for your records – Before and after photo documentation of your position – Specific recommendations for bike setup and parts at completion of fitting – Follow up appointment included with fitting to ensure the best outcome


Preparing for your fit

  • To replicate your normal riding position, please bring your clean bike, shoes, riding shorts and jersey.

  • House calls are available to address your bike or home based bike (Peloton, etc.) precision fit with the same comprehensive approach used in the office. Please call to schedule a home bike fit.

  • Discounts are available for multiple bikes

What clients are saying

”My neck/upper back and pelvic pain is completely gone, including my 5-6 hour long rides.”

”Pure speed and joy! The pain and numbness is gone!”

”I now feel balanced, pain-free, and powerful on my bike.”

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